The Untold Story of After Wormtoungue Left Rohan
By: Darth Eowyn

It was cold in Gondor. With Faramir in counsel all day with Aragorn it was hard for `Eowyn to feel at ease. All her life she'd been abandoned and left to suffer. Lifting up her book she started to read. It was 5 days till she and Faramir would to be wed and thoughts of times elder times crept apon her. Even though Wormtoungue was in Isengard being watched every move by the Ents, she could still feel his presence. She had not told Faramir for something inside her told her that it would be best to leave it alone. Leaving her room she went into the gardens to clam herself.

4 days till the wedding. `Eowyn sat under the tree where Faramir and her met. Feeling something touch her hair she turned around. Nothing was there. She thought for a moment that it must have been Faramir's but the touch was cold and frightening. She all the sudden felt hazy and warm, as one would during mid mourning in summer that would make one want to take a nap. But it was winter and not even her cloak made her feel that warm. Falling into a sleep, she began to dream.

Back in Rohan she was, in the days of her youth. Everything was the same, save for one thing, Wormtoungue. Much later in her youth had he arrived and something felt wrong. No one was in her home; Grima was following her steps calling her name. " `Eomer, help, Th`eoden, Th`eodren, help!" `Eowyn screamed. Running out of the Golden Hall she ran to the tombs of the dead. All in stone were the names of her kin, even `Eomer, Aragorn, Merry and the one that she loved the most, Faramir.

Falling to her knees she began to weep. `Eowyn felt a cold hand touch her skin. She looked up to see Grima kneeling next to her. Her eyes squinted through a sheer veil. Above them stood a vague figure muttering words of truth, love and death. With that the figure asked her in a familiar haunting voice " Will the bounds of love and death shall forever be sown to Grima Wormtoungue, `Eowyn?" " Till the loss of valor and life dose she agree,” answer Grima. As Wormtoungue was lifting the veil, she saw clearly now who was wedding them; it was her self. Trying to run, she was stopped by a fleet of riders. Carried into the Golden Hal by riders (it needed several of them, for she put up much a struggle). Being chained to a thrown she gazed down to she Rohan destroyed and Wormtoungue were wed.

"`Eowyn, wake!" cried Faramir. Awaking and looking into his eyes she began to weep. Running of, `Eowyn only left more curiosity and wonder in Faramir than before. A strange and yet fair woman, Faramir knew, he was confused.

3days till the wedding. Faramir rode with `Eowyn and `Eomer to Rohan where they were to be wed. Riding up to `Eomer, Faramir started conversation with him. “ What keeps you to ride to Rohan for my sister, Brother?” asked `Eomer. “ I only wish to up hold her countries traditions. As allies we must stick together. Besides the weddings in Gondor, a farewell to her country should be good.” Faramir answered. “ Now a question for you, Horse Lord. What haunts your sister what makes her tremble in the darkness? I know that orphaned she was as a child and held back from full potential, fought in battle and nearly lost everything she loved, but what scares her so that she trust not even the ones that love her?” With a heavy sigh, `Eomer replied, “ I wish to tell you, but sadly I feel that this talk shall have to be between you and my sister.” “One suspects that a certain Horse Lord fears his sister’s wrath,” said Faramir. “ Thou hast no idea of what a chewing out she can display.” Answered `Eomer. And with this they laughed.

Their laughter was soon cut short by a scream of peril. `Eowyn was lying on the ground from being bucked of her horse. Gentle was Ruserdwale, never hurting even flies, was attacking her. Jumping of his horse and rescuing her from being trampled, Faramir rescued her just in the nick of time. Holding him close `Eowyn screamed for her brother. When he arrived all he could hear the Lady say was “He returns, I saw him” over and over again. Three of the escorts were sent ahead to watch for danger.

2 days till the wedding. In the Golden Hall `Eowyn, her kin, and her friends were sitting all enjoying themselves. Faramir sitting to the right of her Merry, and the rest of the hobbits on her left. “ What troubles you my Lady?” asked Merry. “ I feel a presence that I have not long felt. Merry I have told you all my secrets save for one, and tonight I shall share it with you.” With that `Eowyn and Merry slipped out unseen. “Long ago before you or your friends came to Rohan, when my uncle was still incased in Saruman, one of his Hench men cam to Rohan. His name you know, Grima Wormtoungue. Not only did he poison the thoughts and mind of my Uncle, he brought fear into my heart.

“Many a night did I feel his eyes upon me even though he was no where near me. Saruman persuaded him using me as bait. If Rohan was won, Grima’s reward I t’would be.” `Eowyn explained.

“So that’s what haunts your thoughts and dreams. Who knows of this pain that is inflicted upon you?” asked Merry. “Few, only some my kin. None must know. Not even my true love. I shall not want my love to be troubled by my pains.” “Your secret shalt not leave my lips, neither death nor pain shall cause this.” Merry swore. “ Good because if it dose, more mercy on a Nazgul than t’would I have on you.” she said. Merry had a look of fear in his eyes. “I helped kill that Nazgul, you know,” answered Merry. With this they laughed. They heard another laugh that sounded all too familiar. Stepping out into the hallway `Eowyn grabbed Pippin Took by the ear.

“You foul little snake!” `Eowyn cried. “What ever in the world cursed you to come and spy on the hostess and the sole reason why you’re here? Speak you wretch!” “Well, mmmy Llladdddy. Ittt ttt’would only seem ffffairr, ccconnnnnsidering that of I hadnnnnn’tt ssaved your futtture husbbbbband yyyou’d be lllloveeelllessss.” He whimpered. Letting go of his ear and smiled. “You realllllly thought that I was going tttto kkkkilll you, didn’t you.” mocked `Eowyn. “But you must keep it secret, or I’ll have more than your ears.” Merry laughed. Pippin gave him a dirty look. With that the 3 all headed back to the banquet.

Little did they know that outside the chamber they where in eavesdropped another, Faramir. Realizing what Now he realized why `Eowyn was acting so strange. He left them to find Gandalf.

He found Gandalf in the dining hall talking with `Eomer and other Horse Lords. “Gandalf, `Eomer we must speak.” “At what urgency is it? You are amongst friends and in good company, speak freely.” said `Eomer. “’Tis of great power and fear that I have. Please we must speak in private,” begged Faramir.

Into a private room they went. There Gandalf, `Eomer, Aragorn and Faramir sat. “Now what troubles your mind?” asked Gandalf. With this Faramir explained all he heard from his love and the hobbits. There was a great silence in the room. “So this explains what has been haunting her. But how in a time like this does such a powerless creature such as Wormtoungue create such a power?” Gandalf pondered. “`Eomer go bring her to me. ” With that he left, while Aragorn, Faramir and Gandalf thought in a dark silence. To Be Continued………………………………………………………………….