"Aunt Eowyn"
by: Eowynshieldmaiden

A little one running around. Faramir ran with him. Elborn came running over to me. He was a little boy of five years.

“Come play mommy.” he said grabbing my hand.

I stood and chased after him. The fields outside of Emyn Arnen were beautiful. I caught Elborn in my arms and sat down. Horses approached.

“Faramir.” I said.

He looked out at the horses.

“Where are they from?” I asked.

“Rohan.” he said.

I stood still holding Elborn. He wiggled out of my arms and ran with his father toward the horses. I ran after them. The horses stopped for us to run to them. My brother sat on top one of the horses. As I approached he jumped off. I ran into his arms.

“Sister.” he said his voice full of joy.

He lifted me up to make me laugh. He set me down and picked up Elborn. Elborn was quite fond of his uncle, as I was of mine. Lothiriel sat atop another horse. I walked over and helped her down. She was carrying her and Eomer’s first child. I walked her back to the fortress of Emyn Arnen. I sat her down in a chair.

“You must be tired,” I said to her, “I remember when I was carrying Elborn, riding horses was the worst.”

She winced.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Ever since we got here I’ve been feeling a terrible pain.” she said,

I called for Faramir, Eomer and a few healers.

* * *

Lothiriel held her baby in her arms. Another little boy in the family. She and Eomer had named him Elfwine. Elborn came running in to see is new cousin. I was now an aunt.