A Week in the life of Eowyn: Mother of the two terrors
by: eowynshieldmaiden


When I find Eomer, I shall kill him. He thought it was a good idea to Elborn on one of his new racing horses. Luckily Faramir was there or Elborn would have been killed. He fell off his horse and would have been trampled by it if Faramir hadnít have caught him. I was sitting with my daughter, Vanima, when I heard crying. I ran to see what it was and I saw Faramir jumping off a horse with Elborn in his arms. I ran up to them. Elborn was too to scared to talk so I had to ask Faramir what happened. I took Elborn inside and tended to him. Eomer will have to come back sometime.

† ~Monday

† Eomer came today. He was lucky Faramir was holding me back or I would have killed him. I told him that if he wanted some boy to get killed to go find his son insead of mine. Vanima started screaming. I went to her as Faramir and Eomer ďtalkedĒ. I doubt they talked because when Eomer left he had a few cuts and I saw Faramir polishing his sword. I have a feeling he played ďIím being a fatherĒ with Eomer again.

† ~Tuesday

† Today Elborn asked to be taught how to sword fight. Faramir told him to ask his shield maiden mother. I was happy to. Now Iíll I had to do was FIND my sword. I put it away after Elborn was born. But I didnít remember WHERE I put it. Then once I found it (in Faramirís closet) I put it on the bed to polish it. When I came back Vanima was swinging it around. Strong for a seven years old. I ran over and she cut the hem of my dress. I called for back up from Faramir. She did NOT want to give up the sword. We got it away from her (after a few cuts and scrapes).

† ~Wednesday

Taught Elborn how to sword fight today. He did fairly well (better then when I first tried). For 13 heís not too bad. He begged Faramir to let him go into the next battle with him, but Faramir had to refuse. He would not sacrifice his son like that. He didnít want to lose his, brother, father, AND son in one life time. Elborn threw a fit and ran off. Guards went after him. Found him trying to run from them. Brought him back and we decided to take a vacation to Minas Tirith. †

† ~Thursday

Arrived in Minas Tirith and were greeted by Arwen, Aragorn, their son Eldarion, and their daughter VanessŽ who was Elbornís age (oh boy). They hit it right off. An hour later we found them in the stables making out. Aragorn and Faramir got into a fight. Arwen and I had to pull them apart. Got them calmed down and willing to talk like civilized humans. Elborn hasnít left his room and neither has VanessŽ. Quite worried, Just heard something outside window.

† ~Later

Well Elborn tried climbing on the roof to get to VanessŽís room. Only Arwen and I know about this. Only Arwen and I will ever know about this. We donít want Aragorn and Faramir to blow up on each other. † †


Elborn did it again this time he fell OFF the roof. FOUR stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He fell into a cart full of hay. Faramir found out and just about kill Elborn. If Vanima and I hadnít stepped in, Elborn would be dead. Faramir tied Elborn to a chair. Bu Vanima snuck in and untied him. She can actually be sweet to her brother at times. To thank her, Elborn gave her a piggy back ride down to dinner. They can actually love each other at times. †


Weíre leaving today. Arwen and Aragorn and Faramir and I finally came to an agreement. Elborn and VanessŽ would be married when they were 18. Five more years of Elborn. Vanima is happy to be going home. I donít blame here. Iíve had just about enough of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli messing around with Elborn when heís with VanessŽ. Leaving will be so great, but one more thing. Iím pregnant. †

To be continuedÖÖÖ.