"Lost and Found"
by: Eowynshieldmaiden

I a woke in the House of Healing.  My brother was standing next to my bed.  I realized what had happened earlier.  The battle.  Where was my uncle?  Should he not have been there.  Éomer looked down at me.
    “Sister,” he said, “you are awake.”
   “Where is Uncle?” I asked him.
    At this question he looked away with tears in his eyes.
    “He has passed on.” he answered me, “We were afraid that you would too.  But you are awake.”
    “He’s gone?” I asked with tears now in my eyes.
    “Yes.” he answered back.

I begged to be let out of the House of Healing to walk and my wish was granted. I walked in the garden of the house.  I felt that I was not alone.  I looked behind me and saw a man.  He had also been in the house for I had seen him.  His name was Faramir, the son of the steward, we had talked.  As I walked, he walked behind me.  I stopped at the edge and saw the armies of Gondor and of Rohan riding out.
    “The city has fallen silent.” I said, “There is no warmth left in the sun. It grows so cold.”
    “It’s just the damp of the first spring rain.” he said, “I do not believe this darkness will endure.”
    He grabbed my hand and I put my head on his shoulder.  We stood there watching the men ride out.  My brother was one of them.