Eowyn's Lament
(by White Gull)

I sit as stone in time surreal
Denying what I know I feel,
And search through soul's locked, darkened rooms
Where deepest secrets lie entombed.

Around me swirls the world in light
But naught will pierce this darkest night
That's fallen on me unaware,
Paralyzed, and stripped me bare.

Just yesterday my heart danced free;
Why did I step so carelessly?
Only now I understand
You hold my lost heart in your hand.

I should have known your inner fire
Would only serve to light a pyre
Upon which reason, scorched past use,
Would burn and set love's demons loose.

You're strength unequaled, beauty rare,
Good embodied, soul's fresh air.
"All who know you love you, too,"
Alas that I should prove this true.

A foolish fate is this I've earned:
To give love that can't be returned.
How odd to think that loving you
Could slay all hope of joy anew.

I ponder now what path to take
But sense quite well what choice I'll make;
No road's too hard, no climb's too steep,
No pain's too sharp to silence grief.

I know not to what end I'm bound
I dare not trust at last when found,
The empty place inside my soul
Beyond all hope will be made whole.