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I am still accepting submissions for fan art, fiction, essays, media files, wallpapers, icons, fan costumes... and anything else you'd like to submit. Please send submissions to melanie.bolen@yahoo.com
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~News (02/22/2010): Check out the FAN ART section for some shots of a couple of awesome Eowyn tattoos!
~News (02/05/2009): I'm not gone! No no... I've just been distracted over the past few years by other life issues (check out www.exercisejunky.com)! There is currently a new design underway for the site, and there will be new things added over time (I'm a busy gal!). I also wanted to make you aware of an awesome site that does custom gowns, in case you are looking! Twin Rose Designs
Lastly... did you get your hands on the full score to TTT? Well, it appears to be out of print, but FEAR NOT! I've heard rumors that another distribution company will be producing and re-releasing it (as well as the ROTK score) later this year!

~Updates (09/10/07): 3 new galleries added in the "conventions" area (Wizard World '06, '07, and The Gathering of the Fellowship '06)... check them out!

~News (09/19/07): I just won 5 lovely awards from Fair Lady of Rohan!!! Thank you so much for recognizing me! Check my AWARDS page to see them!
So, I have not gone away, I've just been very busy with life at the moment, so website changes/updates have been at a hold. But, please continue to write me, as I love getting messages. Hopefully life will slow down and I'll be able to update (I really want a new layout). Thank you always!

~News (05/11/07):

Silver Leaves (Issue I): Call for submissions The White Tree Fund is pleased to introduce Silver Leaves, the journal of TWTF, and we would like you to be involved! Silver Leaves is the official journal of TWTF. The purpose of SL is to educate, raise awareness, support charitable initiatives, and entertain. SL accepts submissions from established scholars, authors, and artists as well as from those new to the publishing world. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, academic essays, creative writing, and artwork; interviews and event reports; artistic spotlights on costuming, weaponry, and handmade items; puzzles; humanitarian, community, and volunteer updates; and book and movie reviews. While the focus of SL is on TWTF*s mandated humanitarian efforts, particularly those from within the Tolkien community, SL is open to scholarly and creative submissions from other fandoms according to the theme of the up-coming issue. The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 15, 2007.

Let your voice be heard in Silver Leaves! You can share your tale of how Tolkien has inspired you, ask Gandalf to work on complex issues in your life, participate in a *mile-long* Q&A about your love of books and reading, and shine the spotlight on friends who give back to their community.

For more information about submitting to the first issue of Silver Leaves, please visit: http://www.whitetreefund.org/journal.htm.

~News (03/13/07): Lady of Rohan is looking for a new layout! I want to get a new layout for the site because I've, honestly, never been that happy with the current one... but my time runs thin and I've no time to work on one myself. I would LOVE IT if someone could help me design a new layout. I can pay you for your time in goods (I have collectibles) or cash (though I don't have too terribly much there). Please email me if you are interested: tigeowyn@hotmail.com

~News (11/15): It's been a while! Popping in here to remind you that the complete score for The Two Towers is now available!!! It features sooo much Rohan music that the regular soundtracks didn't include. Pick it up today at Amazon.com or your local CD store!

~News (08/11): I've taken out the "sign guestbook" option because of constant spamming. Thank you.

~News (06/20): For anyone who is interested... I'm selling my green gown (pictured on the "costumes" page for the green stable dress labeled as "swords n silk") to try and catch up with some emergency vet bills that I got hit with due to a sick kitty cat. The gown is made from silk velvet, silk duponi, lace w/hand painted leaves, fully lined, and a hand crafted pewter belt. I paid $600 for it, but am listening to offers. The gown measures approx. 38" bust, 33" waist, 44" hips... it has been taken in, though, so there should be fabric that can be taken out... or, if you are a seamtress, then it could be made smaller. Email me if interested: tigeowyn@hotmail.com
Also, I'll be attending the Gathering of the Fellowship in a couple weeks, so I'll probably have LOTS of new fun pictures to add to the "conventions" portion of this page! Exciting!

~News (05/11): Not much going on (on the site, that is). I really want to change the layout, but I just haven't had time. Hopefully I'll get around to it within the next month or so. Also, if anyone knows how to make guestbooks reject spambots, please let me know. I've been deleting automatic advertising posts on an average of 5 per day. It's getting rather annoying. Thanks!

~News (04/13): Check out The White Tree Fund!

~Updates (04/10): Lots of new gorgeous fanart has been added! Take a look!

~Updates (03/23): Updates the "merchandise" section with five new pieces of Eowyn/Rohan merchandise!

~News (03/23): Tolkien Town has some lovely new Eowyn and Rohan merchandise including an Eowyn collector's plate AND a rohan pendant! Check them out! www.tolkientown.com

~Updates (02/01): A new music video has been created by Elvira... I have the link posted on my videos page. Check it out, it is a tear jerker. Also, if you want to see some nice Miranda photos from ORC, then go here: http://www.genrefans.com/onering06/index.html

~Updates (12/12): One new affiliate, Aragorn Online. Also, there are 3 new awards! Thank you :-)

~Updates (12/2): Whoa, I haven't updated in well over a month! For shame! I guess I need more submissions, eh? Send them on in! Today I have for you a new fan fiction by Darth Eowyn. It is part one, so check back for more later. Thanks! Oh, and I'm also looking for fan costume submissions... it's hard to finish that section without any submissions for it.

~News (10/31): Happy Halloween!
From TORn - Miranda Otto Joins us at ORC II!!!!
TheOneRing.net and Creation Entertainment are proud to bring you, for the first time on a convention stage, Miranda Otto. She will be appearing at The One Ring Celebration (ORC) in Pasadena the weekend of January 20-22, 2006. You will be the first to be able to ask her about her fight training, or those beautiful dresses, or learning to fight on horseback, or what it was like to bring one of the first really strong female heroes to life. Her autograph will be part of the Wizard Circle package, so go check out the convention page now to see what else that includes. And believe it or not, we are no where near done announcing guests. Not all will be the big news this is, but I'm sure you all will enjoy the show we are putting together for you.
Go HERE for more info.

~Updates (10/24): One new affiliate, Steelsheen, and I've added a gallery for the Indiana State Museum's LOTR Motion Picture Trilogy Exhibition under "conventions." Enjoy!

~News (10/17): Update: the webmaster as removed the hotlinks. Thank you so much, it is much appreciated. I hope that anyone else who may be hotlinking from me will come forward and request permission or upload images or files to their own server and then credit the appropriate person. Thank you.Please stop stealing! I request that the webmaster for http://www.freewebs.com/eowynnn/index.htm stop stealing from my site. You have copied my html, direct linked to my images, direct linked to my movies... it must stop. By doing this you are using my bandwidth... which I pay for out of my pocket each month. Not to mention that the layout of the pages and the cropping of the images is all my work. I request that you either come up with your own site, or that you take your site down. Everything on my site is used with permission, so I don't appreciate things be stolen from me. Thank you, that is all.

~Updates (10/17): Updated the link to Swords N Silk on the costume pages. I finally found them again!

~Updates (10/10): New layout!

~Updates (9/8): One new fan art, a new LJ icon submitter with 20 awesome icons, affliate update, conventions update.

~Updates (8/11): One new fan fiction, one new LJ icon submitter, one new award, and I've added my Wizard World 2005 gallery on the convention page.

~News (8/11): Another month has come and gone so quickly! I've been a busy little bee, and will continue to be so for at least another month... so updates will remain slow. But, I wanted to post a concern of mine here. I've been keeping up to date with the Lord of the Rings Musical that is being launched in Toronto. I've been very excited about it, until recently. It concerns me that they have posted their cast list, but their cast list fails to mention Eowyn. Could she have been cut from the musical? Could her role have been drastically downsized??? I don't know! I tried to contact Mirvish in regards to this, but they say that they are unable to provide such information. So, perhaps if some of you are concerned about the lack of Eowyn's name on the cast list you could email them expressing your concerns. You can find phone, snail mail, and email contacts HERE... so let them know that we want Eowyn in the musical! Don't people realize that she has the largest role of any female in the book? We cannot let her be overlooked.

~Updates (7/7): I've done some major Spring (well... Summer) cleaning in my links and affiliates section. I was amazed at the number of broken links I was finding. The LOTR sites are dropping like flies! Well, in good news, though, I've added a new Eowyn link, Steelsheen. I left some of the broken links up in hope that those sites will return, but if they don't soon, then I'll be deleting them too. If you are/were an affiliate and your site was offline and is back on and I've removed you due to the site being gone, please send me an email so that I can add you back.

~Updates (7/6): One new affiliate, one new wallpaper, one new fan fiction, and I've finally added the group picture with my friends and Sean Astin on my GenCon page. I've also been doing a lot of work on the message boards recently... with adding new things, changing old things... etc. Come join us! We're having a blast in there!

~News (7/6): Wow, it's been a while. Life has been pretty crazy here. I was out of town, I've been working a lot, and I'm trying to get things together to possibly make a move to another state... so I'm rather busy in the "real" world. Sorry to those who have sent submissions and have waited forever for them to be added. I've also been trying so hard to get money, because it is really quite tight at the moment. So, some things to check out... well, Sideshow Weta has announced the end of their LOTR line... so if you are still planning on purchasing from them, then help LadyofRohan out by clicking through from one of the Sideshow links on this page. I believe they still have some Eowyn statues up for second chance, and they are running really low on Eowyn's Helm. CHECK IT OUT!. Lastly, the raffle was won by a citizen of Chicago... he was the only one who purchased tickets. Wowzers! He got off with a LOTR Risk game and LOTR Checkers! Thank you.

~Updates (5/22): One new wallpaper, compliments of Vivi! Also, The Gathering of the Fellowship has announced their 2006 con, which includes a masquerade ball, a medieval picnic, a movie trilogy, and a chance to see the LOTR Musical! For more info please go to www.tolkiengathering.com. Lastly, time is almost up to take part in the raffle!

~Updates (5/10): One new fan fiction, 13 new LJ icons by a new submitter, a new piece of movie music arranged by gkgyver, and two new affiliates.

~Updates (4/18): One new fan art, three new wallpapers, one new fan picture for the shieldmaiden gown in "costumes," a new section for the Ad Astra under "conventions," new photos from The Gathering in "conventions," and one new affiliate, Delicious Dom.
Keep posted, because I'm going to be having a contest soon for those of you who are computer savy and like to make music videos! I'll post info about this contest soon :)

~Updates (3/23): Alan Lee's work has finally been posted in "art." I was able to contact him to get his permission to do so. I've also added two more of John Howe's pieces, and there is one new piece by Sharon Tanhueco Schmitt.

~News (3/23): Lady of Rohan just won 4 awards from Leaves of Gold, including an award for Best Overall Site! Thank you :)

~Updates (3/22): Major Updates!!! There is a new artist in the "LJ icons" section with 54 lovely icons! There is one new piece of fan fiction, and I've put up pages for the Dernhelm and Funeral Gown sections in "costumes."

~News (3/20): I've added a donation button to this page because money is becoming tighter and tighter, and I figured that once in a blue moon someone may donate to help with the upkeep of this site. Thank you in advance to anyone who finds it in their heart to donate to this cause. Also, I have a new affiliate, and I've just won four awards from the Dreamkeeper Awards! Thanks so much!
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