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The Untold Story of After Wormtoungue Left Rohan (by: Darth Eowyn)
Why does Wormtongue haunt Eowyn after the War of the Ring is over? (part one)

A Week In The Life of Eowyn: Mother Of the Two Terrors (by: Eowynshieldmaiden)
A view of what Eowyn's home life is like as a mother and wife.

Aunt Eowyn (by: Eowynshieldmaiden)
The arrival of a little one changes Eowyn.

Lost and Found (by: Eowynshieldmaiden)
Eowyn awakes after the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

A Little Talk Between Uncle and Niece (by: Eowyn at Edoras)
An eight year old Eowyn has a talk with Theoden.

The Arrivals (by: Pirate Fiary)
Faramir/Eowyn. Faramir has been away for a while and has come back to more than he expected.

Eowyn's Lament (by: White Gull)
"You're strength unequaled, beauty rare, Good embodied, soul's fresh air." A lovely poem.

Shieldmaiden (by: Swordskill)
"True, Eowyn of Rohan had said that she would cast off the ways of the shieldmaiden after the War of the Rings. But when an old evil arises, will she gilt sword and clad mail, and be the shieldmaiden once again?"

Bravery (by: Hyel)
"Éowyn is a nervous bride. Merry is there to hold her hand."

Mistigis (by: Hyel)
"Éowyn, 8 years old, watches the clouds with her brother Éomer and Gríma son of Gálmód."

Strange Wind (by: Lady Cheshire)
"After just one kiss from Faramir, Eowyn let's go her anger, sorrow, and schoolgirl crush."

Ode to a Lady (by: Lady Cheshire)
"Praise for Galadriel, Eowyn, Arwen, and Rose in poetry form."

Riding With The Best of Them (by: Lady Cheshire)
"Eowyn plays rough with the boys."

The Fall of a Knight and Angel (by: Lady Cheshire)
"Merry watches Eoyn fall."

Court Duel (by: Lady Cheshire)
"Eowyn is bored and challenges Eomer to a duel. See sibling rivalry . . . Rohirrim style. . ."

Wait For Me (by: Lady Cheshire)
"When Faramir dies, Eowyn realizes that the walls of love are not restricted to the land of the living."

The Braided Heart (by: Thevina)
"A story about Eowyn. Oftentimes it is the simplest gifts that are the most profound."

A Way Opens (by: Thevina)
"'Where will wants not, a way opens' Eowyn says in The Two Towers. A series of vignettes about Merry and Eowyn, boots, the afterlife, and joy in unlikely friendships. Written for a 'religion in Middle Earth' challenge for Parma Eruseen."

Upon the Golden Stair (by: Indie Fairy)
"Eowyn thinks she is in love with Aragorn. Aragorn doesn't know what he thinks. This is a fanfic based on feelings and thoughts, throughout war and darkness."


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